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upGrad Institute and Deakin University - one of the top 1% universities globally have come together to bring you an educational experience like no other! With a 3-week trial access to the Global MBA program - one of the top 20 online MBA programs worldwide, at just SGD 70. 

During the trial, if you think this program is the launchpad to catapult your career, you can continue your degree at a surprisingly affordable tuition.

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upGrad Institute and Deakin University believe an MBA can transform careers - to transition, to accelerate or to build professional confidence. With so many options and even more barriers to enter the MBA world, our goal is to provide ease - both to make a decision and pursue the program. 


The 3 week trial offers the true MBA experience of 1 course that you would experience in the Global MBA program. The experience comprises


clifton Clifton Strengths assessment to help identify your leadership theme

3weeks 3 weeks of Learning experience on Business Strategy

simulation Simulation from Harvard Business Review Live Session and Masterclass

opportunity Opportunity to be part of a Global cohort


If you like the trial experience (which we are confident off), we invite you to join our 20-month PG Diploma + MBA program if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria*.

About the Global MBA


The Global MBA comprises the best of two world class education systems: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (E-Learning) (8 months) from upGrad Institute in Singapore and a 1-year Top Up Global MBA from Deakin University, Australia.


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  • The Global MBA is one of the top 20 online MBA, globally, as per QS ranking .

  • The MBA program holds dual certification from globally esteemed accrediting bodies, AACSB and EQUIS.

  • AACSB, renowned for unparalleled business education, signifies commitment to rigorous standards. Simultaneously, EQUIS, the hallmark of excellence in management education, enhances the prestige of the MBA.

Highlights of Global MBA

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Double the Power: Dual Credentials from upGrad & Deakin University.

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Elite Recognition: Accredited by AACSB and EQUIS.

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Network to Prosperity: Access Deakin Business School's Alumni Elite.

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Career Catalyst: 360 Degree Support & Personalized 1:1 Coaching.

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Strategic Immersion: Harvard Business Review Simulations.

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Global Wisdom: Connect with Subject Matter Experts Worldwide.

Prof Colin Higgins

The Deakin MBA is designed to build your business acumen, enhance your decision-making and communication skills, and ultimately to further your career as a manager and leader in your chosen field.

- Prof. Colin Higgins, MBA (Global), Deakin University

Global MBA Developed with Global Experts

Global MBA Syllabus

  • 1:20

    Teacher-Student Ratio

  • 20+

    Expert Sessions

  • 125+

    Live Learning Sessions

  • 20 months

    Curriculum Duration

  • This unit focuses on analysing the impact of the macro and micro-environment in which a firm operates in, on the firm's operations and strategy, and to apply different growth strategies that can be used to become market leader and sustain growth in an industry.

  • This unit is focused on creating consumer value through effective positioning of products and services, and to understand the consumer behaviour buying model and Consumer Decision-Making Process to deliver consumer value through the right marketing mix.

  • This unit helps to understand the fundamental terms of accounting, how different business events impact the different financial statements and to analyse the profitability of a company and manage working capital using the knowledge of financial statements. Projects will be evaluated using the metrics of project evaluation and decide which projects to invest in.

  • This unit covers the application of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to communicate effectively in a workplace, leverage appropriate communication channels to communicate your message and to create a vision statement for personal branding. Different personal branding assets will also be used to reach the right audience and application of effective monitoring techniques for monitoring of personal brand and the competition.

  • This unit focuses on identifying suitable metrics related to business situations to communicate the requirements with data scientists, building of hypotheses and testing of validity using data from a small population to draw conclusions and make business decisions. It will also cover the prediction of future data trends using existing data trends through linear regression models.

  • This unit focuses on building strong teams and positively impacting team performance and productivity. It covers understanding individual behaviour, group dynamics, and organisational culture. Additionally, it addresses the management of various HR responsibilities for line managers, enabling them to build and maintain effective teams. It also emphasises the importance of literacy in key legal terminologies to make informed business decisions.

  • This unit focuses on the analysis of actions and satisfaction levels of a buyer and seller in the market based on the resources available, and to examine the overall performance of an economy and assess its impact on individuals within that economy.

  • This unit explores the different frameworks that can be used to sell effectively, how to gain a clear understanding of the various types of channel partners and the different criteria used to select, onboard, and evaluate them, and to understand the process of creation and management of sales territories. It also analyses the performance of sales territories.

  • This unit focuses on understanding the different supply chain factors and identifying the varying demand patterns for products and in turn building the supply for these products, considering organisational constraints and at the most optimal cost without losing out on any sales. It also covers the sourcing aspects of a product cycle, identification of the steps for evaluating and choosing a supplier. The role of logistics and transportation management in the overall supply chain planning process will also be explored, as well as the important elements in designing a distribution network of a company.

  • This unit focuses on the analysis of the inter-personal characteristics of a leader to cultivate these qualities during the leadership journey and to build high-performance teams using team dynamics and core roles of a leader.

  • This unit focuses on the identification of risks using risk management frameworks and processes, measure and manage risks using a risk register and various risk mitigation strategies.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management - II
  • Business Leadership
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Research

  • This unit focuses on the analysis of how to creating value for customers using digital innovation strategies and to analyse the performance of a digital platform using different ways of launching a platform and different platform metrics.

  • This unit focuses on designing a change plan using conceptual foundations of change and tools and methodologies to manage change, and to manage transformational change effectively in an organisation using the 8-step change model.

  • This unit is focused on the application of the theories, concepts and tools required to implement strategies in organisations. It addresses strategic choices and the necessary strategic capabilities required implement the strategies and achieve organisational growth.

  • This unit explores design thinking as a practice for identifying and developing innovation opportunities in a range of business and social contexts. It exposes students to the key approaches and tools of design thinking, including techniques for understanding the problem context, ideation (both individually and collaboratively), building personal and team creative confidence, and approaches to solving wicked problems. This unit will develop the basis for innovative and creative thinking in students and develop confidence for students to think and communicate innovatively.

  • This unit brings together financial analysis techniques from the accounting discipline, as well as principles of corporate finance to enable students to develop an understanding of the corporate financing function. It places financing options in the context of an organisation’s financial position, enabling students to make judgements about financing options available for strategic developments.

  • This unit focuses on the issues that arise in global business environments. It provides the tools and concepts to enable the analysis of the complex, economic, political, legal and cultural global environment. It provides frameworks for developing strategies and enabling operations across national and cultural borders.

  • This unit focuses on the characteristics and theoretical underpinnings of high performing organisations. It addresses the principles of organisational design, as well as internal and external factors impacting on the achievement of strategic outcomes. The unit also addresses the interpersonal and leadership skills managers require to develop high performing organisations.

  • This unit provides an integrative capstone experience. Students complete a ‘live case study’ that requires a synthesis of the knowledge, experience and insights gained from the study program. The unit requires research, analytical, problem solving and business environment awareness skills. Students will be required to consider stakeholder issues, global political, economic and cultural issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This trial experience is for anyone looking to gain a quality online MBA degree. It improves the decision making process by giving qualified candidates the opportunity to experience the MBA coursework, assignments and sessions.

  • The process to sign up for the trial experience is simple:

    • Go to the Trial experience page

    • Submit an application/Register

    • If eligible, pay the $50 Trial Fee

    • Start the Trial on Feb 29, 2024

  • The trial experience begins on Feb 29, 2024. While time commitment varies from learner to learner, we recommend 15 hours a week to gain the most out of the program.

  • The only investment of value is your time - and believe us the ROI is amazing - 2 qualifications, access to better opportunities and professional confidence. There is a $50 or equivalent fee for the trial program, however, this is adjustable against the total tuition should you decide to pursue the Global MBA program.

  • The Global MBA is a 20-month program, offering learners the opportunity to graduate with 2 qualifications, an upGrad Institute Post Graduate Diploma in Management (E-Learning) recognized by CPE, Singapore and a Deakin University MBA degree, ranked in the top 20 online MBAs in the world.

  • Minimum Age: 21 Years Old

    Academic Level: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of at least 50% marks or GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0.

    Language Proficiency: Bachelor Degree where English is the mode of delivery, or IELTS 6.0, or equivalent.*

    Other Requirements: 3 years relevant work experience and must include at least two years (full-time equivalent) in a managerial or professional role with responsibilities for decision-making in a range of areas including budgetary oversight, staffing and management, involvement in strategy and planning development and operational implementation.

  • upGrad Institute (UI) located in Singapore, is a premier Private Education Institution (PEI), built to accelerate the global delivery and adoption of world-class career skilling programs powered by innovation.

    UI is a subsidiary of upGrad - Asia’s largest integrated learning, skilling and career development company that has touched over 7 million total registered learners across more than 100 countries, to date.

  • Yes.

    Post Graduate Diploma in Management (E-Learning) will be issued by upGrad Institute and MBA will be awarded by the Deakin University.

    Dual Credentials from upGrad Institute & Deakin University.

  • The cost of the global MBA is $10,000 USD or equivalent.

  • Reach out to your counselor or go to upGrad.com and apply to the global MBA - that's it. You will receive an offer of admission and can pay the pending tuition fee.

  • There is no required commitment to continue in the program if you do not like the trial experience or it does not fit in with your schedule.

    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS), score of 6.0 and above
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), score of 80 and above

    • Pearson Test of English (PTE), score of 54 and above

    • Cambridge English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL),Level 1 and above

    • Cambridge Occupational English Test (OET), score of  C/250+ and above

    • Cambridge CPE and CAE, score of 169 and above

    • Test of English for Education Purposes (TEEP), score of  6.0 and above

    • Oxford International Business English Certificate (OIBEC), Pass

    •  Duolingo English Test, score of 105 and above

    • GCSE English, grade C and above

    • GCE A-level English Language, grade C and above

    • GCE AS-level English language, grade C and above

    • Cambridge O-level, grade C and above

    • Cambridge International GCSE, English as First Language, grade C and above

    • Cambridge International GCSE, English as Second Language, grade C and above

    • International Baccalaureate: English A, 4 at SL or HL and above

    • International Baccalaureate: English B, 4 at SL or HL and above

    • For HongKong learners taking the HKDSE exam, Grade 4 and above

    • For HongKong learners taking the HKAL exam, Grade C and above

    • For Indian learners taking the National Board Standard XII exam, 70% and above

    • For Indian learners taking the State Board Standard XII exam, 80% and above


3-Week Trial Fee: SGD 70

Fee adjustable against tuition of the Global MBA program, should you choose to pursue it.
Tuition of the Global MBA is SGD $16,100.
(All GST and other taxes are inclusive in the fees)

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